Bruce Emergency and Transitional Housing 


In 1993 WRC purchased the Bruce Hotel to address the community’s need for emergency and transitional housing for homeless individuals and families.  The Bruce Hotel was built in 1922, but during the 1970’s it became neglected and by 1993 it was a derelict building nearing demolition.  Of the 48 sleeping rooms, more than half were uninhabitable. 

Under WRC’s leadership a successful community effort to renovate the rooms and common area of the building was initiated, and today the Bruce has 37 refurbished resident rooms, an on-site childcare facility, two community kitchens, a computer lab, and meeting rooms.  The Bruce meets a critical and immediate need in our community.   It is the only homeless shelter that can accommodate men women and children from infants to teens, and the full range of family compositions including single fathers, single mothers and couples with children.  Last year we provided more than 27,000 bed nights of shelter through our Bruce Housing program. 

The Bruce operates as “Clean and Sober” housing.  Residents must agree to refrain from using drugs and alcohol as long as they reside at the Bruce.  The Bruce is governed by a resident council selected for their positions by Bruce residents.  The resident council meets weekly.

The majority served are female, single head of household between the age of 20-44 with 2 to 4 children and below 50% of the median income.  Personal histories of residents often involve, either directly or indirectly, domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, addictions, less than high school education and loss of most support systems. Our goal is to assist with a nurturing, supportive, stabilizing facility and staff to assist them in attaining self-sufficiency and permanent housing.